Supervision is essential to maintain the good practice for all education and healthcare professionals. This is where efficiency, safety and ethical practice can be reflected upon, not only with the immediate work but also within the contexts surrounding this, both personal and professional.

What can supervision help with?

Supervision is a place to build and maintain resilience and resourcefulness to continue to work. This is not only about therapists but can be applied to all professionals. Supervision is about encouraging effective practice whatever that practice may be. Three elements of supervision are that of educator, supporter and ensurer of quality.

What to expect from supervision

Supervision is often the only place where someone can share their experience, reflect on their work and on the impact it has on them and attend to personal challenges as well as professional and ethical concerns. It is an active partnership in the professional’s process of setting out, monitoring, developing and updating their developmental agenda.

At your appointment, you’ll be encouraged to talk about your work. You will be listened to and supported without judgment or criticism.

Supervision can take place:
– face-to-face
– over the phone
– online through a video call

You will be offered biweekly or monthly sessions of supervision, for 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your individual need.

Sessions can be arranged via email or telephone.


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