clay field therapy®

What is this sensorimotor therapy?

Founded by Professor Heinz Deuser in 1970s, the method is based on perception through touch (haptic perception). The focus is on our innate ability to discover relational and experience-based events, in which individuals understand themselves and their world. 

Such experiences, even those of the earliest nature, are stored in the body-mind and find individual expression within movement.

Work at the Clay Field is not symptom-oriented but development-oriented. This means that the specific problem or crisis is not the focal point, but rather the option to discover new awareness and solutions through one’s own inner movements.

What is the method?

Offered is a flat wooden box filled with clay: the clay field. Next to it sits a bowl of water. There are no specific instructions except the encouragement to make contact with and perceive the clay field with the hands. Adults mostly work with their eyes closed in order to allow the perception of touch to fully unfold.

Children follow their needs with open eyes and allow figures and stories to emerge.

The clay field can be perceived, touched, and experienced with the hands. The pliable material invites experiments; it receives every movement and is available for endless possibilities. Forms emerge from the movements of the hands as they leave marks in the clay. The presence of a trained accompanier is crucial, they verbally support the hand process of movement based on skilled perception and understanding.

Who benefits from Work at the Clay Field?

This sensorimotor approach appeals to children of all ages as well as adolescents and adults alike. Because Work at the Clay Field appeals to the human tendency for growth and self-realisation, it can be effective for a wide range of problems. Even the traces of preverbal developmental stages can be reached in the haptic process and be incorporated into the general growth development at a later age.

In this context Work at the Clay Field effectively assists to catch up on developmental setbacks and addressing emotional and social needs in a child or adolescent. A multitude of behavioural problems and obstacles can be balanced out in this way.

For adults Work at the Clay Field offers the opportunity to work through difficulties, which in part may result from setbacks or challenging events during their childhood. Since Work at the Clay Field repeats all the developmental stages from the earliest infant experiences onwards, it is possible to acquire what could not be gained then and to move forward to face new challenges.

I experience the sessions as deeply spiritual. It feels like I’m connecting to my soul within the universe. Experiencing my inner peace and strength – transcends the sessions, into my life.


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